Deepest SQL Training Event ever held in Ireland

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“The knowledge and enthusiasm of the speakers was fantastic. The topics covered could be put into use immediately and with real effect”. Brendan McGee, Eircom

In the last week of September 2009, two of the world’s foremost authorities on SQL Server– Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp of, returned to Dublin to deliver ‘SQL Immersion’. This week of intensive SQL Training, is the DEEPEST ever to be delivered in Ireland - arguably the deepest to be seen in Europe in 2009!

Almost 50 people attended the course, which was sponsored by Microsoft and organized by local Gold Partner Prodata: SQL Centre of Excellence. The week was designed to help SQL professionals deepen their knowledge of the SQL Server product, especially around design, performance and essential maintenance.

The advantage of a public class is the breadth of experiences that attendees bring with them from which everyone can learn, and of course the lively debates that often ensue. This Group was lively and the sessions were highly interactive bringing real life problems to light and generating solutions in quick-time, showing the productivity enhancements that can be attained through a deeper knowledge of the internals of the SQL Server engine. One delegate was delighted to realize that a simple change to her code could remove the need for her company to invest literally millions in new hardware to achieve the same gain.

“We never know who we're going to have in our classes and the group in Ireland was just excellent. All the attendees, some of whom had flown in from as far away as Singapore, were very enthusiastic and engaged, and showed an impressive amount of SQL Server knowledge through incisive questions and in-depth discussions.

For us, one of the most gratifying parts of teaching a class is helping someone solve a design or production issue that's been causing major problems for their company. The Ireland class was no different - we unblocked some projects and provided immediate money-saving solutions to several attendees - clear ROI from attending. We can’t wait to come back next year!” – Paul S. Randal

According to Enda Flynn who coordinated the Microsoft Sponsorship of this event “In-person training of this quality in a smaller venue is very rare and that is why the response received from the Irish audience is so impressive. The kind of in-depth training provided by experts like Paul and Kimberly is invaluable and will help IT Managers deliver necessary savings Irish businesses need now ”. A main focus for Enda in the coming year will be to work through Microsoft to drive skills in Irish Enterprises using the Microsoft Platform. As part of this he is coordinating the SQL Academy, which will kick-off on October 21st with a lecture by Bob Duffy on 'SQL Server Advanced Configuration'.

SQL Immersion: Dublin 2009 – sample participant feedback:

“I can’t express just how huge a benefit this class has been. After this week, I have a whole list of things that I have learned that I will be able to implement and make some incredible gains in my system! You cannot imagine how much time, effort and MONEY this will save. GREAT CLASS!” – Michaelene Johnson, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

“The enthusiasm, knowledge and depth of the speakers combined with a delivery method that made complex concepts easy to understand. The first time I have attended a course that I had to tune into everything that was being said and hang on every word!”- Tony O’Grady, Kerry Co Council

The event was planned and organised by the Prodata: SQL Centre of Excellence, a local Microsoft Gold Partner that specialises in providing the best consulting and managed services in Ireland for the Microsoft SQL Server platform. The Centre is headed by Bob Duffy a local Microsoft MVP and one of less than 20 Microsoft Certified Architects (aka SQL Ranger) on the Microsoft SQL Server Platform globally. Bob is an active figure in the international SQL community and regularly speaks at events on SQL Server, he is also a member of the working group for the SQL 2008 masters exam. Bob closed SQL Immersion: Dublin 2009 with a session on SQL Consolidation and Virtualisation in which he showed some impressive live migrations (planned and simulating disaster), a feature of Hyper-V, beautifully supported by SQL Server.

Based on the feedback from SQL Immersion: Dublin 2009, Prodata: SQL Centre of Excellence will be bringing Paul and Kimberly back to Europe in 2010 to delve further into the world of internals and the other hot topics that will help delegates enhance the performance and maximise their ROI from their SQL estate. For further information and to keep informed of future events, visit: You can also keep abreast of Paul and Kimberly’s latest news on their blogs.

See below for information on the course and its content

For further information please contact: or call 01 2933883

SQL Immersion: Dublin 2009

The rumours are true!

The foremost speakers and mentors in SQL Server – Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp are bringing SQL Immersion Events to Europe.

Supported by local partner, Prodata and with sponsorship from Microsoft we are running a WEEK of intensive SQL Immersion sessions from September 21st – September 25th 2009. This will be the deepest SQL Server event ever hosted in Ireland. For more information and to register for this incredible event click here or go to

This event is a must for anyone seeking to optimize the use of SQL Server in their organization and wanting to gain access to the best SQL trainers in the world! SQL Immersion: Dublin 2009 will empower delegates by giving them an opportunity to acquire vital knowledge that can quickly be applied to:

  • enhance their company’s SQL Server Estate
  • improve its performance, reliability and scalability, and
  • enable delivery of much improved levels of support

The event offers a three track option to delegates – full immersion; Developer; and DBA – to facilitate a more tailored programme.

  • Option 1: (€1,999)

    Full SQL Server Immersion (Entire 4.5 day programme plus complimentary session with local guest speaker Bob Duffy on day 5)
  • Option 2: (€1,499)

    Developer Track (First 3 days plus complimentary afternoon session with local guest speaker Bob Duffy on day 5)
  • Option 3: (€1,299)

    DBA Track (2.5 days – 1, 4, 5 – plus complimentary afternoon session with local guest speaker Bob Duffy on day 5)
SQL Immersion: Dublin 2009

For more information and to register for this incredible event click here or go to

Guest Speakers

  • Paul S. Randal

    Paul S. Randal

    In 2007, after 8.5 years on the SQL Server team, Paul left Microsoft to join his wife, Kimberly Tripp, running and pursuing his passion for presenting and consulting.

  • Kimberly L. Tripp

    Kimberly L. Tripp

    Kimberly is a writer/editor for SQL Server Magazine; was a founding writer for T-SQL Solutions magazine; was a technical contributor for the SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit.


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